About Anya

Hey there! 🙂

I’m Anya, an Indiana-based photographer, cinematographer, a full-time film student at Purdue University, and a huge fan of Jordan Peele movies.

I capture the “now” so you can enjoy it forever.

Having lived in 3 different continents I am well accustomed to the international lifestyle. This has made me very comfortable with travel, especially when it comes to my work. I have traveled across the US to capture content for several professional speakers, creating unique and customized videos to promote their voices and ideas.

As a young woman of color in the film industry, I understand the challenges of getting good media exposure as a minority. I am deeply passionate about supporting such communities, and my goal is to provide the right exposure for those in need of creative representation and promotion.

In that same way, I appreciate you for supporting the work and dreams of a college student. 🙂